Composite Photography

Composite Photography

Recently I’ve started working a lot more with composite photography, there are a lot of scenarios where getting the subject and the ideal background in the same shot are not possible or not practical. Below are two recent examples.

Composite Polly

Polly is a fashion blogger who I’ve mentioned before on this site. She runs a blog called Style Junkie, so when we were trying to create some promotional images for her, the concept of her set in a juxtaposed location came up. For obvious reasons I didn’t want to make Polly sit in a grungy alley so by creating the final image from the two shots seen above we were able to avoid that entirely. Beyond matching the quality of light and direction in both shots, one of the biggest challenges was making the shadows look realistic. By placing a box behind Polly in the initial shoot I was able to see how the shadows should look and recreate that in the final image.

_DSC0524 (1)

 The other recent shoot was done with my good friend Alvaro and came about in an entirely different way.

Composite Alvaro

I was lucky enough to go on a cruise last spring through the Mediterranean. While on that trip there were a lot of great backdrop opportunities and some where setting up a fashion shoot wasn’t possible. The background shot used here is taken in Pompeii, Italy, a city that was destroyed by a Volcano in 79AD. I loved the location but this particular shot is taken through bars and so a composite seemed like the ideal way to create a unique shot. Back in Vancouver we set up a quick studio setting and positioned Alvaro so he looked like he’d be sitting on the wall. The angle he sat at really worked well for making a convincing final image.


I am hoping to do a lot more composite work like this in the coming months as it is a great way for clients to save money on shooting costs and travel budgets. Message me below if you’d like any more info about what goes into creating these images!

Text and Images: Travis Jeffers – Point Blank Photography

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